Assembly and installation

Factory / Assembly and installation

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We understand the unique demands of processing environments across industry sectors and we know that, often, specialist equipment is required.

Our assembly and installation services team offers the skills and technical knowledge to assemble systems for specialised and rare equipment. We can assemble products or entire systems from linear motion solutions to gearboxes or hydraulic piping. We take care of the building and testing before completing the installation in line with planned maintenance schedules. This means your maintenance team can focus their day-to-day responsibilities of uptime and efficiency. Local availability might vary.


  • Time savings

  • Improved intervention

  • Innovation

Case Study

Assembly and installation availability

Saving €1,000+ a year

Earlier this year, an important multinational customer in the food industry, that operates 24-hours a day, contacted us outside of opening hours.

We managed to assist them with a total downtime of less than one hour, helping to save the company several thousand euros.