Air leakage survey

Factory / Air leakage survey

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Compressed air systems are used extensively in industry. At any site that uses them, air leaks are the largest source of avoidable energy waste.

Our air leak surveys help to improve efficiency, reduce cost and minimise environmental impact. For any plant using compressors, approximately 30% of the electricity bill is dedicated to running them. Of that, an average of 20% - 40% is lost through air leaks, representing a significant cost to the business, particularly those with multiple lines across multiple sites. Our air leak surveys help to reduce this unnecessary cost while supporting your sustainability objectives. If you suspect you have air leaks, we will agree the scope of the survey with you before our local engineers complete the comprehensive audit using state of the art tools. The outcome is recorded on our dedicated platform, which enables us to deliver survey results locally, as well as providing centralised reporting across all sites and markets. The audit report contains information on each leak, including pictures, details of the energy loss, cost and CO2 impact on an annual basis. The report also includes the parts and actions required to fix the problem. If you go ahead with the repairs, we provide an estimated repair cost payback period. As you would expect, we can source the parts required and complete the work for you. Then, we can return to the site and re-run the audit to ensure the follow-on actions have delivered the expected benefits. The survey cost will depend on the size of the site, the number of compressed air systems and system boundaries that have been defined in the scope. There will be a minimum of one engineer to conduct the audit and we charge per engineer, per day. In most cases, the cost of the survey is covered with just one month of operation once the repairs are completed.


  • Cost reduction

  • CO2 reduction

  • Transparency across sites through management reporting

Sustainable manufacturing


This service qualifies for the Rubix sustainable manufacturing mark. This means it delivers verifiable environmental benefits to our customers, helping them to reduce emissions. For more information about the mark, please watch the short animation.


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