Stores management

Factory / Stores management

We know our customers want to focus on what they do best – manufacturing products, but it is important to keep inventory under control.

Our stores management solution can take over the management of your spare parts. A manufacturing plant’s spare part requirement will involve thousands of SKUs, which are technically complex and used only on specific projects. These SKUs vary in volume and value, which means an organisation needs to order, receive, handle and store components from a few euros to thousands of euros. This is all to make sure the right product is there at the right moment and at the right price to keep production running. This leads to increasing stocks and works against the need to reduce inventory and increase cashflow. Stores management allows you to outsource the management of the store to us. We will manage suppliers and process orders on your ERP and if needed, implement a supporting stores management solution. Our team will work closely with you, optimising warehouse management and increasing production efficiency with management of critical and non-critical stock.


  • Dedicated operations manager and integrating your existing staff

  • TCO reduction

  • Optimising stores management

Case Study

Store management

Saving €23,213

An existing customer needed advice on organising a technical storeroom in their new site.

We designed the storeroom and provided the furniture, resulting in 50% savings on the purchasing processes and a 25% decrease in stock.