VMI services

Factory / VMI services


Managing your MRO stock can be complex. Our Kiosk service is a plug-and-play solution that simplifies the selection, restocking and purchasing management process. You can visit the Automated Transaction Request window, then choose from a pre-approved selection of products, available 24/7.

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The things you need every time, all the time, right where you need them. Our vending machines stand by your production line stocked with the right consumables. This ensures that the most frequently used products are always available, reducing walk and wait time for your employees.

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Checking stock and ensuring items are replenished on time can be a time-consuming and costly process. Our Inscan solution is perfect for customers who require an affordable, efficient and easy inventory solution. We provide the barcode scanning technology and manage the ongoing checking.

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Delivery to line

Time and availability is of the essence – especially when it comes to maintenance, whether that is reactive or planned. Our delivery to line solution means having the right product at the right time, at the right location. It also means having it delivered exactly where it is needed most.

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Case Study

Product Substitution

Saving €22,125 per year

Our VMI services offer solutions – as part of this, we proposed a product substitution to generate savings.

After a testing phase, the new product was introduced and created substantial cost savings.