Repair services

Factory / Repair services

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Often a part can be repaired rather than being completely replaced. This comes at a much lower cost and can usually be completed much quicker than a complete replacement.

It also extends the life of equipment, reducing the total cost of ownership and preserving your working capital. Our repair services are provided by Rubix specialists or with one of our carefully chosen partners. We provide fast, flexible and tailored repairs for gearbox, motors, pumps, air compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Local availability might vary. If we can’t repair an item, we can often replace it from stock and can offer a wide range of quality products from our range of exclusive brands.


  • Uptime

  • Cost savings

  • Energy savings

  • Product life extensions

Case Study

Repair services

Saving €100,000

An important customer in the shipbuilding industry asked us to check the possibility of servicing two large gearboxes.

We managed to arrange a complete repair and restoration of the customer’s equipment within six months.