Factory / E-mobilisation

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Our E-Mobilisation solution offers the opportunity to reduce the cost of your MRO purchases, and your total cost of ownership, within just 90 days.

For many of our suppliers we are the largest European customer. When you work with us, you can benefit from that buying power. That’s why we developed our E-Mobilisation service. We mobilise a dedicated team to work with you. We use a tried and tested approach to identify, code and quote for your most important purchases, and we start with the ones you make most often. We agree the prices and build your assortment and prices into your purchasing processes. The E of E-Mobilisation is about connecting your systems to ours. So, whenever one of your colleagues make a purchase it comes straight through to us and we complete the order. We have a range of E-Procurement solutions available and our E-Mobilisation system works with all of them. This means that we are reducing your costs while making your purchasing process more efficient.


  • Lower cost

  • Accelerated savings

  • Supplier consolidation

  • Shorter delivery times

  • Order centralisation and automation