PPE audits

Factory / PPE audits

Ensuring employees use the protection helps to reduce the risk of accident, injury and illness, while reducing unplanned downtime.

Our PPE audits support customers by assessing their needs based on the working environment, roles and safety regulations for their workers. Using partners and our own expertise, we identify the most suitable protection equipment solution. Not only does this ensure that every person is equipped properly for every activity, it also means you can standardise your range, consolidate suppliers and manage costs more effectively. We know there are a variety of options and solutions which can create a long list of required products per site, but together we can create a simplified approach. In addition, manufacturers are always innovating, introducing new technologies to improve products, and we can help keep you up to date with the newest products and information. Our PPE audits solution increases people safety, cost control and production time.


  • Product availability, reliability and quality

  • Technical support for uptime

  • Reduction in accidents

  • Safe employees