Component kitting

Factory / Component kitting

Ensuring you have the correct parts for maintenance work is vital for keeping your machines in good working order.

Failure to plan can mean extended stoppages in production while you find the parts you need – or wait for them to be delivered. Our component kitting solution works for both regular and planned interventions, delivering all the parts in one box under one purchase order. Handling a number of products for the same issue take time and cost money. This solution addresses these problems and allows your business to simplify the supply chain setup. Our solution means all parts are available when they are needed, while kits can be logged under one code, which reduces SKUs as well as the transactional workload. Think of it as a car inspection. Both you and the garage know what will be involved. You order an inspection rather than specific parts that may be needed for that inspection and everything that is needed is covered by one transaction. Our component kitting solution results in improved maintenance and inventory optimisation.


  • Reduce SKU handling

  • Transactional consolidation

  • Improved maintenance

  • Improved safety