Factory / Training

Your teams may sometimes lack the skills to maintain specialised parts or perhaps they would benefit from an update on product innovations and developments.

Rubix brings deep specialist knowledge and technical expertise to support the training needs of your teams. This covers areas including energy saving, plant safety and preventive and predictive maintenance as well as specific product training. We can also use our relationships with the leading brands to deliver training alongside the manufacturers for parts your teams are using every day. Improving the knowledge of your teams can deliver a range of benefits including uptime, efficiency, productivity, cost reduction, sustainability and safety.


  • Continues improvements

  • Improves sustainability

  • Safety

  • Uptime

Case Study

Training on speed reducers

Saving €5,000 a year

We provided a technical course for plant maintenance staff on the specific subject of speed reducers.

The course highlighted points for improvement and some solutions to past problems, contributing to a significant extension in the life of installed products.