OEM Conversion

Factory / OEM Conversion

The original equipment manufacturers (OEM) – the companies who design build and supply the machines in your plant – will always advise you to go back to them for spare parts.

This is good business for them because it brings high margin, recurring revenue that keeps you close to their brand. However, this isn’t the only way to get your spare parts and it probably isn’t the fastest or most cost-effective either. Often, the OEM often does not manufacture the part themselves. They buy from other manufacturers and even distributors and put their label on it, making it difficult for customers to identify that they are paying an inflated price. Our specialists can inspect and identify these parts and offer alternatives from market-leading brands, and from our exclusive brands. Our OEM conversion solution reduces unit price costs from anywhere between 5 per cent and 40 per cent. Typically, we can offer mush shorter lead times on these items than you will get from the OEM, thanks to our extensive pan-European stock.


  • Cost savings

  • Right product and quality

  • Shorter leadtime

Case Studies

OEM Conversion

Saving €5,492

As part of our TCO reduction program, we performed OEM conversion analysis on a sealing machine.

Our specialist identified a piece of equipment that can be distributed by Rubix as opposed to the OEM supplier, saving costs in comparison.