Inventory profiling

Factory / Inventory profiling

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Our inventory profiling services will help you to find money and time in your stock, returning working capital to your business and improving efficiency across your procurement and production processes.

You will get access to our technical expertise and specialist knowledge across industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products. Our team will complete a detailed analysis of your inventory, which includes careful consideration of the parts that are most critical to your operations. Our analysis will also help us to advise on movement of stock, classifying items, highlighting non-moving stock and identifying slow-moving products. We provide recommended minimum and maximum levels for each unit and an estimation of time remaining until the stock is depleted. Our inventory profiling solution ensures you have a stock policy optimised for your sites and needs.


  • Reduced working capital

  • Adjusted min/max

  • Reduced levels of obsolete and non-moving stock

  • Improved service level

Case Studies

Reducing inventory duplications

Saving $386,000

We identified for a client that the equipment they were using in different locations was the same meaning that the stock they were ordering was unnecessarily duplicated.

By identifying this, they were able to reduce their stock and save on costs.