Application engineering

Factory / Application engineering

When using cutting machines, output matters – and that is the focus of our application engineering services solution.

We know machining applications require outstanding, specialist support. Working with the leading suppliers of cutting tool technology and fluid management, our technical experts provide tailored solutions that reduce machining times while increasing tool life and improving productivity. By taking an unbiased approach we are able to recommend the best tools whatever their application, material or challenges. Our product proving centre facilities allow you to test leading machining and tooling technology while our application team demonstrates achievable cost reductions. When projects are completed we’ll present clear, concise, unbiased tooling and real-world information to prove the effectiveness of solutions available.


  • Optimised process time

  • Reduced cost

  • Innovation

Case Study

Application engineering with product specialists

Saving €30,000 a year

During an inspection at a production plant, we noticed a number of old electric motors being used.

We proposed improving this by replacing them with new-generation electric motors which would improve overall performance and production capacity.