Exclusive brands

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We know that balancing the need to reduce cost while protecting uptime, efficiency and productivity can be a challenge.

That’s why we used our specialist knowledge and deep technical expertise to develop our exclusive brands. We provide a wide range of high-quality alternatives to leading brand products, which meet all the relevant industry standards and certifications. Offered at competitive prices and with guaranteed availability at any European site, they help you to reduce costs while keeping production lines moving. Your team can purchase Roebuck, GISS, Mecaline and Spartex through Rubix web shops.

Spartex provides our customers with a complete range of essential industrial products that deliver on their needs to get the job done with the right quality at the best possible price and enables consolidation of their source of adhesives, chemicals, cleaning supplies, fasteners and general maintenance products into one supplier.

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Roebuck has proudly delivered professional performance, quality and value for money in tools for over 150 years. Our customers can rely on Roebuck for hand tools, power tools, cutting tools, test and measurement tools, tool storage and abrasives.

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GISS has met the needs of our customers for uncompromising quality PPE and ancillary safety products at great value for over 25 years. So our customers can affordably, reliably and consistently deliver on all the health and safety needs of their teams when they need it the most.

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Mecaline supplies our customers with high-quality, high-performance parts related to mechanical and power transmission, pneumatics, flow control and linear that can fit seamlessly into their operations.

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Case Studies

GISS gloves

GISS gloves come top for user comfort and usability, increasing plant hand safety.

We recommended these to one of our major customers, ultimately reducing accidents and making their workforce much safer as a result.