Supplier consolidation

Factory / Supplier consolidation

Manufacturers often have multiple suppliers for their MRO products and services. This complicates procurement processes, which means the buying process takes longer and costs more than it needs to.

Maintaining a supplier in your system is a cost and can range from 500 to 1000 euros. Working with multiple suppliers also limits the potential to reduce the cost of the parts and the total cost of ownership for the machines in the plant. We can help you to consolidate your suppliers by offering a wide range of products and services across all MRO product categories, supported by our network of 8,000 technical experts. As the largest European customer for many of the leading suppliers, we offer highly competitive prices. We combine this with a wide range, consistent availability and quality logistics to get you what you need on time and in full. This provides simplified procurement and better pricing, through economies of scale and simplified vendor management.


  • Cost savings

  • Product availability and quality

Case Studies

Energy saving with Grundfos

Saving €32,766 per year

One of our Insite™ Managers ran an audit to identify issues for one of our customers in Italy.

The result was both energy and cost saving and was so successful that it was then implemented in other countries.