Factory / E-procurement

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Buying new stock, keeping track of orders, invoices and improving processes.

Our approach to E-Procurement is digital with a human touch and our industry-leading solutions make it easy for you to do business with us, leaving you to focus on keeping your production lines moving. Whether you are buying from the factory floor, a Rubix Insite, a tablet, phone or desk, our technical experts with specialist knowledge are always on hand to offer advice and support. We provide a tailored digital approach, which is compatible with all major B2B marketplaces including Ariba and Coupa, which allows you to consolidate suppliers and simplify processes. Your colleagues will be able to buy products from your dedicated assortment at an agreed price – and you have access to the rest of our product range if you need it on the Rubix website. This is fully supported by our account management teams. With live information on availability, rich content, built-in approval processes and e-billing, transactions will be completed with fewer clicks, less stress and more transparency. When you make the switch from analogue to digital, or E-Procurement, you can save an average of 25 euros for the same order at the same price for every subsequent purchase. Our E-Procurement solution means easy and efficient buying, keeping your plant running smoothly.


  • Lower transaction costs

  • Accelerated savings

  • Supplier consolidation

  • Shorter delivery times

  • Order centralisation and automation