Call-off orders

Factory / Call-off orders

Lots of transactions for many different items means a lot of time and money spent on the purchasing process.

Our call-off orders solution allows for multiple delivery dates over a period of time. You can place a purchase order at the start of the year for an agreed number of products and we will deliver these across the period at a frequency agreed with you. The order is closed only when all deliveries are made. This allows your business to reduce the number of transactions, cut the amount of stock you have to hold and often enables you to reduce the cost of the items you buy.


  • Easy and efficient buying

  • Reduce process cost

Case Study

Lead Time Control

Saving €188,000 per year

A customer with a highly advanced, planned maintenance system had a requirement for reliable lead times and good delivery performance.

We helped the customer reduce their stocks, maintain delivery performance and save on costs.