Factory / Automation

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Wherever there are people doing repetitive work on a production line, there is an opportunity for automation.

Our automation service covers a unique combination of expertise in design and installation of automated solutions and the maintenance, repair and overhaul. This allows us to shape systems with the potential to achieve 24/7 production. This will help keep you and your team ahead of the competition. We do not build full production lines but focus on selected parts of the production that needs to be automated. Our offering can deliver a range of systems including control systems, linear motion, robotics and linear programming to your production lines. These solutions can improve productivity and reduce costs while increasing safety and supporting sustainability objectives. Our automation solution can secure uptime, boost productivity and lower costs. We can also provide complementary products and services as you move through your automation journey.


  • Cost savings

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved onsite safety

Case Study

Increased production capacity automation

Saving €280,000 a year

Our customer decided to invest in automation to increase production capacity in the future.

Despite relatively small savings, we managed to organise this and the profits increased rapidly.