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The promise we make to our customers

Keeping the wheels of industry turning

Rubix exists to keep the wheels of industry turning, right across Europe. For manufacturers, this means demand is met and promises are kept whether we are helping them to keep the bread baking, put planes in the sky or make lives healthier and happier. Since the industrial revolution, keeping factories and plants up and running has been the most important consideration for any manufacturing business. Today, up-time is still very important, but the needs and concerns of European manufacturing have multiplied. Efficiency, sustainability, regulatory compliance and health & safety have combined to bring complexity to the manufacturing process. Businesses must fix issues before they occur, reduce the risk of accidents, limit environmental impact, ensure compliance with regulation, improve productivity, preserve quality, reduce cost and preserve cash. In simple terms, manufacturing is a really tough industry. There are so many different things to think about and they are all so important that you can’t pick and choose what you focus on. It’s difficult to get it right.

Understanding customer needs, solving problems

Rubix is a business made to meet the challenge. With a name inspired by the spirit of problem solving, we provide a solution to the problems that come with growing complexity – a partner to help meet the many and interrelated needs of European manufacturing in the 21st century. More than a mover of boxes, we are 8,500 makers and doers armed with the technical expertise and deep customer understanding to transform the delivery of industrial products and solutions across Europe, to keep our clients’ businesses moving forward. Working with the biggest names in European manufacturing, we understand the unique challenges and demands of processing environments across industry sectors. From chemicals to confectionery, automotive to aerospace, pharmaceuticals to fizzy drinks, and everything in between, we offer solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. We ensure they have the support they need across plants, countries and the continent, in the established markets and the fast-growing eastern European economies.

Working in partnership

Success is delivered in partnership, and through our dedicated European key account structure we give our customers named individuals responsible for success at the European level. They work alongside local branches and Insite™ teams to support the customer’s engineering, maintenance and site management teams to implement contracts consistently across every market, plant and production line. When we agree a contract, we give our written commitment to reducing cost. We’re so confident that we’ll succeed, we guarantee to pay our customers any committed cost saving that we don’t deliver. The problems we solve are complex, but we make it easy for our customers to do business with us. We enable customers to consolidate multiple suppliers while simplifying the MRO buying process with a comprehensive suite of e-procurement solutions. When we aren’t working alongside our customers, beyond the yellow safety line, our specialist knowledge and technical expertise is always available at the click of a button. Customers can ask questions, get product advice and request quotations through our web shops while our account managers can log in to a customer’s account in parallel and guide them through the ordering process. Our approach is digital with a human touch.

A unique pan-European footprint

In an industry where scale matters, we are the only pan-European distributor carrying all the premium brands. We offer range, availability and value-added series across multiple sites of international businesses while even the smallest, single-site manufacturers get the benefit of our buying power. We stock 2.5m SKUs across our four key product categories. We have close relationships with the biggest suppliers and for many of them, we are the largest European customer.

Specialist knowledge and technical expertise

We have put our extensive knowledge and experience in to developing our exclusive brands too, offering quality and performance at a lower price. But regardless of the brand, simply having a product is not enough. Our customers need the right product for their particular application. We understand the unique demands of their production environment and we can get it to them, wherever they need it, whenever they need it. That’s why 95% of the products we sell come with some degree of technical advice. If we don’t have a product in stock locally, we draw on the combined stock of our Group across 22 markets to find it for them. That’s the benefit of scale. And then, we deliver it on time and in full.

Value-added services

But that’s not all. Products alone can’t solve the problems of European manufacturing. Only products and services together can keep the wheels turning. That takes boots on the ground and brains in the room. Manufacturers need specialist advice, insight and services delivered by technical experts with deep specialist knowledge. Whether it’s our logistics services such as industrial vending, scanning and stores management, technical services including customisation, repair and calibration or engineering services like condition monitoring, energy management and automation, we have technical advisers in every corner of Europe.

Not finished yet

Rubix was created to meet the changing needs of European manufacturing. Our comprehensive range of products, services and solutions are keeping the wheels of industry turning, right across Europe. We are disrupting the traditional business model of industrial distribution, and we’re not finished yet.