Condition monitoring

Factory / Condition monitoring

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Managing the risk of unplanned downtime, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Our conditioning monitoring services can be tailored to the demands of your manufacturing and processing environment. We offer solutions that cover both the standard monitoring of general critical equipment as well as the highly critical equipment in the core production process – forming a holistic predictive maintenance approach. For key critical equipment, we can provide technology with constant monitoring and analysing directly on site. For other critical equipment we offer online condition monitoring and predictive maintenance through cost-effective solutions. This uses sensor, gateway and cloud solutions and analytics combined with a reporting solution that provide our customers a good overview of performance. In addition to the online condition monitoring we can also send our engineering team to do a health check. We ensure you have a maintenance schedule that is bespoke to your needs, reducing the chances of failure, the costs of urgent repairs and time spent waiting for critical replacement parts. Our service is about helping you be proactive, addressing problems before they become urgent and costly. We understand the reputational damage that can be caused by missing a customer deadline. Our in-depth condition monitoring approach means you can reduce the risk of any unplanned downtime or lost time waiting for replacement parts – all on one simple reporting platform. We offer a range of different services from vibration analysis and thermographic audits, to air leak detection and lubricant testing. And as you’d expect from Rubix, we use the most precise industry-leading equipment. As pioneers in techniques such as vibration analysis with triaxial accelerometers, we have specialist knowledge on hand, ready for our customers. Our technical experts are available to come to your site, bringing the collective knowledge and experience of more than 8,000 colleagues working across all major industry sectors and 22 European markets.


  • Reduced downtime

  • Increased cost saving

  • Improved safety

  • Reduced manpower cost

Case Studies

Vibration analysis

Saving €557,000

A major steel company approached us with a vibration problem in their machinery.

Our solution eliminated the risk of future breakdowns which produced significant customer savings.